StickyBox  Records is the happy home of  Mairi Campbell, Kathy Stewart-KennedyThe Roman NoseBand, the Kings of Cheeze and Dan Demon and the Sons of Seamen to name but a few!

This  musical wonderland of sisters and brothers with a mission to dazzle, entertain and confuse,  comes together on our new independent label.


Featuring offerings from former Beta Band-er Robin Jones to the amazing songstress Mairi Campbell, Stretty Boy aka Paul Clare from Edinburgh street faves the Pookies and a growing list of unique talents,  exciting times lie ahead........

Tune in to our Listening Room to hear some of the fabulous tunes from the Sticky Box featuring outakes from Mairi Campbell's STORM, Kathy Stewart's Back To Love andRoman Noseband's new album, HerbAnne Mastodon,  now released through iTunes, Spotify and the usual outlets.




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STORM Album Released on HolySmokes Records

She's here! Mairi Campbell latest offering, STORM, has arrived. 

Storm is the latest in a series of works with long-time collaborator Dave Gray, now seeing Campbell realising the voice and music of Storm - a ten-metre-tall goddess of the sea who walks the streets of cities across Scotland with grave warning of looming climate disaster. 

The environmentally focussed Vision Mechanics puppet has provided a perfect monolithic muse for Mairi’s music, with it’s launch at Celtic Connections 2020 attracting thousands. An intensely atmospheric Celtic fusion soundscape, Storm distils Scottish traditional disciplines and Campbell’s masterful viola with Gray’s experimental industrial and electronic adventurism. Delivered with Campbell’s otherworldly vocal, the record reflects the stormy waves of transition humanity finds itself in. 



"Bare, bleak maritime laments contrast with Middle Eastern mantras, distorted guitar rubs up against taut viola, a woozy pulse underscores soulful strings, and a ululating vocal resonates over the distant lap of waves in this immersive sonic concoction." **** The Scotsman 

"The cacophony of violas, driving drum parts and Campbell's ethereal vocals instantly form a sound that is neither here nor there, a totally new perspective on the genre." Scottish Alternative Music Awards 

"Truly chilling and beautiful" Bella Caledonia 

"My Word! Is it different" Iain Anderson Show, BBC Radio Scotland 

"Fabulous!" Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire 

Artwork by Sedona May


Kathy Stewart-Kennedy imminent video release news!!!!

Get Back To Love with this marvellous kaleidoscope of sound and vision from Kathy's wonderful new song for summer..... Click here to see the stunning new video


Dirty Beggars' Kieran Begbie releases his new single 'Smile'!!!! 

Click on this link for more info and to listen to the single.

Exciting News from the Roman Noseband: 

The fabulous new album from ex Beta Band Drummer Robin Jones and his merry band is now mastered. Featuring 8 remarkable new compositions from the very bowels of Noseland , HerbAnne Mastodon is now released  and is available through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all the usual outlets. Cds are now available through the StickyBox shop.. 

To listen to a stunning track   go to the Listening Room and check out Wonderman or go to the store where you can preview the whole album!!!!! 

Order now to guarantee maximum satisfaction and avoid an infinity of disappointment!!  Just contact us via our Contact page and we will put the wheels in motion.


Check out 'Unfolded' the amazing new release from Holly Tomás...........


"Lusher than lush, Holly Tomás’ silk bedroom vocals are something else! “Unfolded” is one-of-a-kind track melding trip-hop, downtempo sound with ever-so-slight classical elements, and smooth drums. It overflows sexiness. If you enjoy Rhye’s intimate music, you will appreciate this one though “Unfolded” sounds unique in more than one way." 

Hristina - Stereofox Aug 2020 

"I feel a sigh coming on. Holly Tomás has a mastery – or is it mistressy? – of the ethereal that turns her songs into weapons of mass hypnotism designed to capture the hearts of those of us cursed with romanticism and misty morning melancholy." 

Blues Bunny Music Reviews August 2020 


To get your copy go to the link at Bandcamp -

To read Holly's biography and listen to some more gorgeous music go to Holly's StickyBox Page