Holly Tomás


Holly has been plying her craft as a songwriter for the last 3 decades. During that time she's journeyed from more traditional singer/songwriter genres to her recent incarnations which retain the emotionful and intimate vocal textures that are her hallmark and are woven into down tempo atmospheric soundscapes.


Holly currently resides in the Lowlands of Scotland by the sea where she divides her time between music, art (Holly Tomás Design), family and two doting cats.


"Lusher than lush, Holly Tomás’ silk bedroom vocals are something else! “Unfolded” is one-of-a-kind track melding trip-hop, downtempo sound with ever-so-slight classical elements, and smooth drums. It overflows sexiness. If you enjoy Rhye’s intimate music, you will appreciate this one though “Unfolded” sounds unique in more than one way."


Hristina - Stereofox Aug 2020


"I feel a sigh coming on. Holly Tomás has a mastery – or is it mistressy? – of the ethereal that turns her songs into weapons of mass hypnotism designed to capture the hearts of those of us cursed with romanticism and misty morning melancholy."


Blues Bunny Music Reviews August 2020