Kathy Stewart-Kennedy

With a career span of over 20 years, Kathy has recorded with the likes of Dick Gaughan, Andy M Stewart, Silly Wizard and Davy Steele, and has written and co-written songs covered by such artists as Nashville’s Vince Gill. She has performed throughout the UK and abroad and supported such artists as Steve Forbert, Tom Russel, Kevin Montgomery and the late George Hamilton IV.  Kathy has been involved with a number of bands such as Another Country ( Ian Rankin) The City Sinners ( John Hinshelwood ) Madge Wildfire ( Patsy Seddon and Gerda Stevenson ) along with headlining concerts backed by UK artists: Alan Bertram, Colin Macfarlane and her own band, The Frequent Flyers: Alister Rae, Ken Kennedy, Henry Taylor, Murray Charters and Iain Fraser. 

Nominated as HMV’s best country newcomer after her first recording on Fellside in 2000, Celestial Shoes, she went on to record what Maverick described as “pure gold” in 2009: Hope Tears and Tambourines and in 2016 launched her third recording, Almost Home. She is presently involved in an ongoing musical project with musician and producer, Dave Gray , recording exciting new tracks at the Sound Cafe with contributions from Iain Fraser on fiddle, Murray Charters on drums and Ken Kennedy on bass.

Contact Kathy at kat2anne@outlook.com or Dave at stickyboxrecords@gmail.com



Songs by Kathy Stewart Kennedy and Dave Gray 

With: Gerda Stevenson, Iain Fraser, Murray Charters, Ken Kennedy, Susan Cotterill, Graham Riddell and Cal Nicol 

America’s First Nation People believe that life is a “walking”, determined by the state of your heart towards all that surrounds you. 

According to Navajo legend, the Anasazi ( Ancient Ones or Wise Teachers ) taught that the Creator placed men and women on Earth in order for them to learn to “walk forward” in harmony with all Creation. 

The Anasazi tell us that if life upon Mother Earth is a journey, there are two ways to walk. Backward walking brings consequences of darkness and despair, whereas forward walking lights the way to peace, happiness, knowledge and wisdom. 

Whether the songs are about the consequences of backward walking as in Mother Earth’s grieving for all she has lost in “The Crying of My Heart”, the misuse of power in the name of religion in “Reaching for the Sun” or returning to love’s Source in “Back to Love” , the Earth Walking concept began as an adventure and soon became a labour of love for Dave, myself and all who took part.